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Thermal Stress Analysis of Solidifying Steel Shells

B.G. Thomas, S. Koric, K. Xu, C. Ojeda, L. Hibbeler

Continuous Casting Consortium

A coupled, two-dimensional, transient finite-element model has been developed to predict temperature, shrinkage, and stress development in both horizontal and vertical sections through the solidifying shell as it moves down through the caster.  The model includes the effects of the volume change during phase transformation, ferrostatic pressure, the generalized plane strain stress state, the constraining influence of the mold, creep plasticity, and the dynamic effect of solidification shrinkage on heat transfer across the interfacial gap between the mold and the shell.  The model is being applied to simulate the early stages of solidification, ideal taper for different steel grades, maximum casting speed to avoid excessive bulging, and understanding crack formation.  Finally, the model is being extended to simulate behavior in complex shapes including beam blanks, and thin slabs in funnel molds with full three dimensional simulations.

Koric, S. and B.G. Thomas, "Efficient Thermo-Mechanical Model for Solidification Processes", Int. J. Num. Meths. Eng, Vol. 66 No. 12, (June) 2006, pp. 1955-1989. Click here for a PDF version. (1.0 MB)